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Determined is an open-source deep learning training platform that makes building models fast and easy. Determined enables you to:

  • Train models faster using state-of-the-art distributed training, without changing your model code

  • Automatically find high-quality models with advanced hyperparameter tuning from the creators of Hyperband

  • Get more from your GPUs with smart scheduling and cut cloud GPU costs by seamlessly using preemptible instances

  • Track and reproduce your work with experiment tracking that works out-of-the-box, covering code versions, metrics, checkpoints, and hyperparameters

Determined integrates these features into an easy-to-use, high-performance deep learning environment — which means you can spend your time building models instead of managing infrastructure.

To use Determined, you can continue using popular DL frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch; you just need to update your model code to integrate with the Determined API.

More information about Determined can be found on the website.

Get Started Locally

Follow these instructions to install and set up Docker.

# Start a Determined cluster locally.
python3.7 -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/test
. ~/.virtualenvs/test/bin/activate
pip install determined
# To start a cluster with GPUs, remove `no-gpu` flag.
det deploy local cluster-up --no-gpu
# Access web UI at localhost:8080. By default, "determined" user accepts a blank password.

# Navigate to a Determined example.
git clone
cd determined/examples/computer_vision/cifar10_pytorch

# Submit job to train a single model on a single node.
det experiment create const.yaml .

Detailed Instructions


To install Determined, please follow the installation instructions. Determined can be installed on the public cloud, an on-premise cluster, or a local development machine.

Each user should also install the Determined command-line tools on systems they will use to access Determined.

Next Steps

We recommend starting with the Quick Start Guide if you’re new to Determined.

Next, learn more about Determined’s Python APIs by following a tutorial. Follow the tutorial for your preferred framework:

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