Before upgrading, visit the release notes for a description of recent changes. While we try to preserve backward compatibility whenever possible, there are occasionally incompatible changes introduced in new versions of Determined – for example, the format of the master and agent configuration files might change.

To upgrade, follow the same steps as you did during the initial installation of Determined. For example, if you deployed your Determined cluster on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you would run det deploy aws up --cluster-id CLUSTER_ID --keypair KEYPAIR_NAME.


The specific upgrade commands vary by environment. You’ll need to run the same commands (including any flags) that were run when you installed Determined.

Before starting an upgrade, first follow the steps below to safely shut down the cluster. Once the upgrade is complete and Determined is restarted, all suspended experiments will be resumed automatically.

  1. Disable all Determined agents in the cluster:

    det -m <MASTER_ADDRESS> agent disable --all

    where MASTER_ADDRESS is the IP address or host name where the Determined master can be found. This will cause all tasks running on those agents to be checkpointed and terminated. The checkpoint process might take some time to complete; you can monitor which tasks are still running via det slot list.

  2. Take a backup of the Determined database using pg_dump. This is a safety precaution in case any problems occur after upgrading Determined.

All users should also upgrade the CLI by running

pip install --upgrade determined