SAML Integration#


SAML integration applies only to Determined Enterprise Edition.

Determined EE provides a SAML integration to allow users to use single sign-on (SSO) with their organization’s identity provider (IdP) and to provide system administrators better control over access to resources. Currently, the only officially supported identity provider is Okta.

Configure Your IdP#

When configuring your IdP to allow users to SSO to Determined, you will need to specify the location of Determined’s SSO URL and the audience URL. The audience URL should be set to the Determined master’s base URL and the SSO endpoint is at that base URL with a path of /saml/sso.

Determined also requires an additional attribute named userName with name format unspecified set to the username of the user attempting SSO (e.g., for Okta, this is the attribute value user.login).

Configure Determined#

Determined requires your IdP’s SSO URL, descriptor SSO URL, public certificate, and name as well as the hostname your IdP intends to use to communicate with Determined. These are all supplied in the master.yaml.

Example Setup with Okta#

In this example, we assume the Determined master will run at

First, in Okta, you’ll need to create a new SAML application and specify the following options:


Example Value

Single sign on URL

Audience URI (SP Entity ID)

Name ID format


Application username

Okta username

Determined also requires an attribute statement named userName with the name format unspecified and a value user.login.

Okta will show that more steps are required to complete the configuration and link to a page with their IdP SSO URL, IdP Issuer URL (synonymous to IdP Descriptor URL), and IdP metadata URL. Use these to configure the Determined master in master.yaml.

  enabled: true
  provider: "Okta"
  idp_recipient_url: ""
  idp_sso_url: ""
  idp_sso_descriptor_url: ""
  idp_metadata_url: ""

Once the master is started with this configuration, users should be able to log in to Determined from Okta by clicking the Determined tile after they have been provisioned.