Install and Set Up Determined#

Install and set up Determined using the cluster deployment guide for your environment.


Store your installation commands and flags in a shell script for future use, particularly for upgrading.


To configure your cluster, visit Configuring the Cluster.


Administrators should first consult Advanced Installation when setting up Determined for an organization.


Install Determined on a single machine, for your own use. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Ideal for getting started with Determined.

Determined Agent#

Use Determined’s built-in resource management. This is an easier alternative to installing and administering via Kubernetes or Slurm. Ideal for teams of any size to share dedicated compute resources. Compatible with on-prem clusters and cloud auto-scaling (AWS and GCP).


Allow Determined to submit jobs to a Kubernetes cluster. Compatible with on-prem, GKE, and EKS clusters.


Enable Determined to submit jobs to a Slurm cluster.


This method is only available on Determined Enterprise Edition.