Quick Installation#

If you have not used Determined before, and you want to quickly set up a new training environment, you are at the right place!


Your system must meet the software and hardware requirements described in the System Requirements.

Step 1 - Install Docker#

Step 2 - Install Determined#

Install the Determined library and start a cluster locally.

  • Ensure you have Docker running and then run the following commands:

pip install determined

# If your machine has GPUs:
det deploy local cluster-up

# If your machine does not have GPUs:
det deploy local cluster-up --no-gpu


The command, pip install determined, installs the determined library which includes the Determined command-line interface (CLI).

Step 3 - Sign In#

Once Determined is installed and Docker is running, you can sign in.

  • Go to http://localhost:8080/.

  • Accept the default username of determined.

  • Click Sign In.

After signing in, you’ll need to create a strong password.