Create Your First Experiment#

Follow these steps to see how to run your first experiment.


You must have a running Determined cluster with the CLI installed.

  • To set up a local cluster, visit Quick Installation.

  • To set up a remote cluster, visit the Installation Guide where you’ll find options for On Prem, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, and Slurm.

Run an Experiment#

Train a single model for a fixed number of batches, using constant values for all hyperparameters on a single slot. A slot is a CPU or CPU computing device, which the Determined master schedules to run.


To run an experiment in a local training environment, your Determined cluster requires only a single CPU or GPU. A cluster is made up of a master and one or more agents. A single machine can serve as both a master and an agent.

Create the Experiment

  1. Download and extract the tar file: mnist_pytorch.tgz.

  2. Open a terminal window and navigate to the directory where you extracted the tar file.

    The const.yaml file is a YAML-formatted experiment configuration file that corresponds to an example experiment.

  3. Create an experiment that specifies the const.yaml configuration file by typing the following CLI command.

    det experiment create const.yaml .

    The final dot (.) argument uploads all of the files in the current directory as the context directory for your model. Determined copies the model context directory contents to the trial container working directory.

View the Experiment

  1. To view the experiment in your browser:

    • Enter the following URL: http://localhost:8080/. This is the cluster address for your local training environment.

    • Accept the default username of determined, and click Sign In. You’ll create a strong password in the next section.

  2. Navigate to the home page and then visit your Uncategorized experiments.

    Determined AI WebUI Dashboard showing a user's recent experiment submissions
  3. Select the experiment to display the experiment’s details such as Metrics.

    Determined AI WebUI Dashboard showing details for a local experiment

Create a Strong Password

  1. Select your profile in the upper left corner and then choose Settings.

  2. Edit the Password by typing a strong password.

  3. Select the checkmark to save your changes.

If you are changing your password, the system asks you to confirm your change. The system lets you know your changes have been saved.

Learn More#

Want to learn how to adapt your existing model code to Determined?

The behavior of an experiment is configured via an experiment configuration, or YAML, file. A configuration file is typically passed as a command-line argument when an experiment is created with the CLI.

Deep Dive Quick Start

To learn more about how to change your configuration settings to run a distributed training job on multiple GPUs, visit the Quickstart for Model Developers.

More Tutorials

For more quick-start guides including API guides, visit the Tutorials.