Upgrade Determined on Slurm/PBS#

This procedure describes how to upgrade Determined on an HPC cluster managed by the Slurm or PBS workload managers. Use this procedure when an earlier version of Determined is installed, configured, and functioning properly.

  1. Review the latest Installation Requirements and ensure all dependencies have been met.

  2. Upgrade the launcher.

    For an example RPM-based installation, run:

    sudo rpm -Uv hpe-hpc-launcher-<version>.rpm

    On Debian distributions, run:

    sudo apt install ./hpe-hpc-launcher-<version>.deb

    The upgrade automatically updates and restarts the systemd launcher service.

  3. Upgrade the on-premises Determined master component (not including the Determined agent) as described in the Upgrade document.

    The upgrade does not automatically update the Determine master service. Reload the systemd configuration and restart the Determine master service with the following commands.

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl restart determined-master.service