Determined is designed to easily integrate with other popular ML ecosystem tools for tasks that are related to model training, such as ETL, ML pipelines, and model serving. It is recommended to use the Python SDK Client Module Reference to interact with Determined.

  • Data Transformers: Dive into how Determined integrates with data transformation tools such as Pachyderm.

  • IDEs: Determined shells can be used in the popular IDEs similarly to a common remote SSH host.

  • Notifications: Make use of webhooks to integrate Determined into your existing workflows.

  • Prometheus & Grafana: Discover how to enable a Grafana dashboard to monitor Determined hardware and system metrics on a cloud cluster, such as AWS or Kubernetes.

Learn more:

Visit the Works with Determined repository to find examples of how to use Determined with a variety of ML ecosystem tools, including Pachyderm, DVC, Delta Lake, Seldon, Spark, Argo, Airflow, and Kubeflow.