TensorFlow Support#

TensorFlow Core Models#

Determined supports for TensorFlow models using the Keras API. For models that use low-level TensorFlow Core APIs, we recommend wrapping your model in Keras as suggested by the official TensorFlow documentation.

TensorFlow 1 vs 2#

Determined supports both TensorFlow 1 and 2. The version of TensorFlow used for a particular experiment is controlled by the configured container image. Determined provides prebuilt Docker images that include TensorFlow 2+, 1.15, and 2.8, respectively:

  • determinedai/tensorflow-ngc:0.34.0

  • determinedai/environments:cuda-10.2-pytorch-1.7-tf-1.15-gpu-0.21.2

  • determinedai/environments:cuda-11.2-tf-2.8-gpu-0.29.1

Lightweight CPU-only counterparts are also available:

  • determinedai/environments:py-3.8-tf-2.8-cpu-0.29.1

To change the container image used for an experiment, specify environment.image in the experiment configuration file. Please see Container Images for more details about configuring training environments and a more complete list of prebuilt Docker images.