Getting Started

As a simple introduction, this example training script increments a single integer in a loop, instead of training a model with machine learning. The changes shown for the example model should be similar to the changes you make in your actual model.

The training script used in this example contains your simple “model”:

import logging
import sys
import time

def main(increment_by):
    x = 0
    for batch in range(100):
        x += increment_by
        print(f"x is now {x}")

if __name__ == "__main__":

To run this script, create a configuration file with at least the following values:

name: core-api-stage-0
entrypoint: python3

# Use the single-searcher to run just one instance of the training script
   name: single
   # metric is required but it shouldn't hurt to ignore it at this point.
   metric: x
   # max_length is ignored if the training script ignores it.
   max_length: 1

max_restarts: 0

The actual configuration file can have any name, but this example uses 0_start.yaml.

Run the code using the command:

det e create 0_start.yaml . -f

If you navigate to this experiment in the WebUI no metrics are displayed because you have not yet reported them to the master using the Core API.