Two main components are required to use Determined: the Determined CLI and a Determined cluster. All users should install the Determined CLI on their local development machine. The Determined cluster should be installed in your training environment, which might be your local development machine, an on-premise GPU cluster, or resources in the cloud.

Install the Determined CLI

The Determined CLI is a command line tool that allows you to launch new experiments and interact with a Determined cluster. To install the CLI, refer to the installation instructions.

Install the Determined cluster

A Determined cluster comprises a master and one or more agents. A Determined cluster can be installed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), an on-premise cluster, or on a local development machine.

Master Database

Each Determined cluster requires access to a PostgreSQL database. In addition, Determined can use Docker to run the master and agents. Depending on your installation method, some of these services will be installed for you:

  • On a cloud provider using det deploy, Docker and PostgreSQL will be installed for you.

  • On-premise using det deploy, Docker will need to be installed.

  • When doing a manual installation, you will have to install Docker and PostgreSQL yourself.