Run Notebooks in PEDL

Jupyter Notebook is a software for interactive python development. Notebooks are commonly used in the data science and machine learning life cycle. You can read more about Jupyter Notebooks on their homepage.

How to access Jupyter Notebooks

This How-To requires the PEDL CLI. For installation procedures: Install PEDL CLI

There are two ways to access notebooks:
  1. Command line

  2. WebUI

Command Line

The following command will automatically start a notebook with a GPU and open in your browser. .. code-block:: bash

pedl notebook start

The context option adds a folder or file to the notebook environment. .. code-block:: bash

pedl notebook start –context folder/file

The config-file option can be used to create a notebook with an environment specified by a configuration file. .. code-block:: bash

pedl notebook start –config-file config.yaml

For more information on how to write the notebook configuration file: Notebook Configuration

Other Useful Commands

A full list of notebook commands can be found by running: .. code-block:: bash

pedl notebook –help

To view all running notebooks: .. code-block:: bash

pedl notebook list

To kill a notebook, you first need to have a task_id which can be found under the list command. .. code-block:: bash

pedl notebook kill <task_id>


Notebooks can also be started from the WebUI by first going to the PEDL home page. On the right hand side, you can find the notebooks tab to take you to the notebooks page.


From here, you can find running notebooks. You can reopen, kill or view logs for each notebook.

To create a new notebook, click launch new notebook. If you would like to use a CPU-only notebook, click the drop down arrow and select launch new CPU-only notebook.


Next Steps