Notebook Configuration

PEDL makes it easy to modify the dependencies that are installed into the notebook’s environment:

$ pedl notebook start --config environment.tensorflow=1.13.1

More generally, notebooks may be supplied an optional notebook configuration to configure the notebook’s enviornment. In addition to the --config flag, configuration may also be supplied via a YAML file (--config-file):

$ cat > config.yaml << EOL
description: test-notebook
  slots: 2
  python: "3.6.9"
  tensorflow: "1.13.1"
  keras: "2.2.4"
  - host_path: /data/notebook_scratch
    container_path: /scratch
$ pedl notebook start --config-file config.yaml

See the Notebook Configuration section for full documentation of the supported configuration options.

Example: CPU-Only Notebooks

By default, each notebook is assigned a single GPU. This is useful for some uses of notebook (e.g., training a deep learning model) but unnecessary for other notebook tasks (e.g., analyzing the training metrics of a previously trained model). To launch a notebook that does not use any GPUs, set resources.slots to 0:

$ pedl notebook start --config resources.slots=0

CPU-only notebooks will be scheduled on a randomly chosen agent.