Installation Requirements

Basic Requirements

Deploying Determined with Slurm has the following requirements.

  • The login node, admin node, and compute nodes must be configured with Ubuntu 20.04 or later, CentOS 7 or later, or SLES 15 or later.

  • Slurm 19.05 or greater.

  • Singularity 3.7 or greater or PodMan 3.3.1 or greater.

  • A cluster-wide shared filesystem.

  • To run jobs with GPUs, the Nvidia drivers must be installed on each Determined agent. Determined requires a version greater than or equal to 450.80 of the Nvidia drivers. The Nvidia drivers can be installed as part of a CUDA installation but the rest of the CUDA toolkit is not required.

  • Determined supports the active Python versions.

Launcher Requirements

The launcher has the following additional requirements on the installation node:

  • Support for an RPM or Debian-based package installer

  • Java 1.8 or greater

  • Access to the Slurm command line interface for the cluster

  • Access to a cluster-wide file system with a consistent path name across the cluster