Benefits of Determined

Overall Vision

Deep learning practitioners come from a variety of disciplines. Depending on their background, some practitioners have strong foundations in engineering, while others focus on statistics and domain expertise. Determined AI is a deep learning training platform that simplifies infrastructure management for domain experts while enabling configuration-based deep learning functionality that is generally inconvenient to implement for engineering-oriented practitioners.

Core Components

Many current systems are point solutions for specific problems in deep learning, so combining the systems is tough and inefficient. Determined’s cohesive end-to-end training platform provides best-in-class functionality for deep learning model training, with a suite of benefits, including:

  • Cluster management: Automatically manage accelerators (e.g., GPUs) on-premise or in cloud VMs, using your own environment that automatically scales for your on-demand workloads. Determined runs in either AWS or GCP, so you can switch easily as your needs require.

  • Containerization: Develop and train models in customizable containers, which enable simple and consistent dependency management throughout the model development lifecycle.

  • Cluster-backed notebooks: Experiment directly in a cluster-backed Jupyter notebook, so you can leverage your shared cluster accelerators in a more versatile notebook environment.

  • Experiment collaboration: Automatically track the configuration and environment for each of your experiments, facilitating reproducibility and collaboration among teams.

  • Fault tolerance: Models are checkpointed throughout the training process and can be restarted from the latest checkpoint automatically if there are any hardware or system issues in the cluster.

  • Automated model tuning: Optimize models by searching through conventional hyperparameters or macro-architectures, using a variety of search algorithms including our adaptive search. Hyperparameter searches are automatically parallelized across the accelerators in your cluster.

  • Distributed training: Easily distribute model training across your cluster so you can experiment more efficiently and earlier in your model development. Determined leverages synchronous, data-parallel distributed training, with key performance optimizations over other available options.

  • Broad framework support: Leverage these capabilities using any of the leading machine learning frameworks without having to manage a different cluster for each. Different frameworks for different models can be used without worrying about future lock-in.